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Yay, new ipod

Today i went with daddy to Funan square and bought a Ipod Nano. of course, it wasn’t a immediate thing, we walked for 4 hours and only paid money for 5 mins. I’m very happy today.


Today’s lesson plan was a failure. I rehearsed with them already but sadly, they still ruined me. All the children have danced for a whole day, and eaten, and are so tired. I tried to get them to listen to me, but they all wanted to do something else, some wanted to sleep, some wanted to read book, the rest wanted to play toys. How was I supposed to get them to listen to me? Haiz, Amanda did it so well… But looking at Wen Xi’s, she rehearsed even less than me. I wonder how she will do… Well, the mentor ask me to practice more before I do the real one next week. Hopefully it will be better, at least I am first. So the children will probably be ready in the morning and also their performance is over le.. It’s so weird, the teachers always complain and complain but when the principal ask them got any complain, noooo… Rubbish… Why are the teachers gossiping about the parents?

Irritating teacher

I was in class later week during LAECY then the stupid teacher say i wasn’t in class. Not fair la, then she till embarrass me even more, say wad some people irresponsible never sign. What crap la, i am a human right, if u can makes mistakes, i can too right. 


I feel so stressed now. I have Edge conference 2moro, i paid for the full day pass but however, i have school 2moro. I waited so long for edge conference but now i really dunnoe if i should go. I have 4 lessons 2moro. 1 of them is lecture so my friend can prob help me sign, but it’s dishonest. The other 3 is tutorial, i still praying that there will be no FP as in my notes i wrote next Tutorial is 9 Dec. For the other 2, i really dunnoe how. 

Other than this, i still have other worries like library book overdue-ing. My group mates wan me to join in and do work on a Sunday. 

Adding on to all this still got friend’s birthdays. I made a card i feel that it is nice la, but they obviously dun. I really dunnoe how to manage my time, there is so much work, I’m so stressed up and my parents arent making it any better. 

What do i do? I really want someone to talk to, but who?

My cat =D Fluffy

My cat =D Fluffy